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have you ever looked at your gf/bf and thought


how did i get so lucky


Written by David Lee

Life is full of ups and downs.

A lot of people say its like a roller coaster ride;

Others say its like running up and down hills.

But after a lot of personal thought,

I think it’s more like climbing a mountain.

In life:

There are good days, and there are bad days.

There are happy days and and there are sad days.

Sometimes, one of them goes on longer than the other.

Other times, it seems like an eternity of happiness or sadness.

I realized that this is how life goes. And to be honest, this way of life is beautiful.

Without the hard times you will never have the chance to get back up.

You won’t experience the amazing rush of emotion that comes with overcoming an obstacle.

Without the bad days, you will never fully understand the good days.

You won’t feel true happiness and joy that is waiting at the end.

Without those sad days you will never realize how much people love you.

You won’t see the group of friends around you who will support you till the end.

I understand that if you trip and slide down the mountain, you will automatically feel the urge to give up.

It’s a general human reaction. In our world, gravity pulls you down. It takes energy and a significant amount of force to get back up.

And staying down on the ground and refusing to stand back up is easy. It’s so easy just to lay there.

It’s so easy to just give up, not having to worry about getting up again and facing the challenge. Taking the easy way out ALWAYS seems to be the better option.

But think about it, when you’re lying down, when you’re on the ground, this challenge, the obstacle, the MOUNTAIN will just look larger. WAYY BIGGERR. That much more intimidating.

So in my own life, through my own obstacles and challenges, learned to get up. The first few times were extremely hard. Drains so much energy out of you. Like working out LOL.

But honestly, it’s worth it in the end. It really is. Because life is about climbing. I HATE to quote Miley Cyrus but she’s right, “it’s a climb”.

Life is like a climb because:

you’re goal is to keep going UP. To get to the top. What’s the point of climbing a mountain if you don’t want to reach the top LOL. If you trip and fall, you just gotta get back up and climb. The best prize in the world is UP there. The feeling of achievement, pride, and joy mixed together, knowing that you made it. It was a long journey but you made it. 

Life should not be like a roller coaster.

When you’re riding it, it’s the opposite. You feel the rush when you’re going DOWN and you’re scared when you go UP. 

So here are some things to keep in check:

Focus on getting to the top. If there are any distractions in your life, you have to leave them behind prior to climbing this huge mountain. If you’re about climb Mt. Everest, you’re not going to be bringing EVERYTHING with you. Only the key, important items that you need to reach your goal. You’re going to be stuck at the bottom if you have too many things to carry. Because of this, you need to practice letting go of these distractions. Some things are harder to let go than others. Things like people. People such as past girlfriends and boyfriends, relatives who have passed away, or even some of your friends who are hindering you. I know I’m in no position to tell anyone to do anything. But through my own experiences I felt that I just have to let go and move on.

In some cases, you might be afraid of letting go because you’re worried for the other person. I was. But you must understand, as I do now, it is not up to you to decide what will happen to that person you let go of. I thought it would be better for that person if I held onto them and stood next to them. I thought that the person will change for the worse if I let them go and left them behind. But I was wrong to think that way. 

Don’t get it twisted. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal thinking that the person can’t live without you. They will be fine. They will live. Because ultimately, God is in control. I learned to have faith that He will take care of him/her. I had hope that He was going to make things better for both of us. It’s all in God’s hands, and in His time.

Next comes the healing.

In this healing process, you must also forgive those who have hurt you.

I’m trying not to become a hypocrite. This is not only a lesson to you all but to me too. There are still people that I am currently forgiving. I understand that it is hard to forgive. We all have scars from the past events of our lives. And I also understand that forgiving someone takes a very long time. It was never meant to be a quick action. The process of forgiveness is ongoing. It is never a simple action. You may try to forgive someone by just saying “okay, I forgive them” and that’s it. But let’s be real now. That’s not how it works. It takes time and effort to forgive someone.

But please do forgive, as I am already trying. Because forgiveness liberates the soul. It really does. You can feel pure peace knowing that a HUGE burden is lifted off your shoulders. And for those other people who truly feel bad for what they’ve done to you, let them know that you are forgiving them. Let them know that it make take some time, but you are trying. Lift a burden off their shoulders too.


Okay LOL SO NOWWWW, after you let go, you must begin your journey up. 

I know that I’ve been talking about the negative side of things. But there is a bright side too!

Along the way you will come across things to help you in your climb up the mountain. Maybe something that will nourish your body like a fresh water stream. Or fresh fruit that grows on trees. These will help you. These are the people who will lead you up. Motivate you. Give you the energy.

You may think you’re alone at times, but there are people who love you. LIKE ME!

I LOVE YOU MAN, whoever you are. Even if I only met you for a second.  If you’re reading this, and I have met you someway somehow, HERE’S MY LOVE BROTHER (or sister hehe). ONE LOVE. And for those of you who I may not know and haven’t met yet, I’m always here to listen. As long as you’re cool with exposing some SERIOUUUSSS information hahahaha. 

Just always keep in mind that you will fall. Many, many, many, many times. And you will want to give up.

But I hope that I can be like a stream flowing in the mountain which you call life. I hope this note gives you the energy to get back up.

Because I know you (whoever you may be) are reading this right now and realizing that you’re life isn’t perfect. Life was never meant to be perfect. But perfection is not always great. If your life was perfect, it will be perfectly dull. DULLLLLL. If there’s ever a person who climbs Mt. Everest with no problems, no pain, and its REALLY easy for them, whats the joy in it? It’s just like walking down the street then LOL.

Everyone has obstacles that they will come across. Just know I feel your pain. I may not be going through the same thing you are now, but hey, you have me on facebook for a reason. Shoot me a message man (or womannn) so I can try and pray for you at least. PRAY FOR ME TOO PLEAAAAASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I need it. REALLY NEED IT.

You know what they say,


So at this point in time,

whether you’re climbing,

whether you’re falling,

whether you’re on the ground,

know that many people around you may be going through similar things.

So ladies and gentlemen,

let’s climb this mountain together, YEAHHH?

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